about me

Welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Ilse, happily married, mom of 2 teenage kids (boy and girl) and 3 cats. We live in Belgium.

With this blog I would like to take you on my crochet adventures.

I learned to crochet as a kid in school. But when I rediscovered it in 2012, it all started.

I bought a book with all different crafts: knitting, embroidery, felting, patchwork,… and crochet. The plan was to try most of them, but I started with crochet and I was hooked!

Then I searched the internet for fun projects. It was as if I discovered a whole new world. Lovely webshops, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram,…

Crochet wasn’t just a hobby any more, it was a part of my life.

At first my yarn fitted in a basket, than I needed a cupboard and before I knew it even that was to small. Yarn was turning up all over the house.

So we decided it was time for a craftroom. As there are no spare rooms in our house, we started to renovate a storage room at the back of the house. That turned out to be more of a hassle and cost than worth it.

Time for plan B.

Our garden shed has had it’s best days and it was time for a new one. With puppy eyes and lots of pleading, I finally convinced my husband that it would make the perfect craftroom.

And so it all begins!

Instead of a new garden shed, we are building a crochet shed. My Cro-Shed! A place for all my yarn, hooks, books,… A place where I can relax, create, drink coffee, invite friends,…

Here’s where my crochet adventure begins.

Are you joining me?