What is happening?

So much is happened since my last post.

Let’s start with my shed.

Walls have come up, windows been finished and I have heating!

It’s getting so close to be finished, that it’s harder and harder to be patient.

I also had a couple of fun workshops! I love teaching kids how to crochet. I wasn’t sure if they would be interested but I’m so happy they are. I think kids need something creative to do instead of staring at screens all the time.

I hope to give workshops on a more regular basis. But I’m taking it one step at a time. You know what they say, things will happen when the time is right. Or when you least expect it. And that brings me to my exciting news!

In my last workshop I had only one participant, a teenage girl. It was a 3 day course where I teach the basics. She was doing fantastic and on the second day she’d done everything I planned for the 3 days. So I started thinking about what I would teach her on day 3. I wanted to challenge her, so I created a little circle with different special stitches.


I loved doing that! Thinking what stitch I would use next, what colours I would use,…( I was use leftovers) I had so much inspiration and made round after round and before I knew it, I created a decent mandala.

Feeling proud of myself, I posted some pictures on Instagram. And then things started to happen!

I got lots of likes and lovely comments, it was overwhelming! It got referred to as a lovely pattern, great design,…

I hadn’t even thought about that. It was just something I was making for my next workshop. I didn’t realise that I was designing a pattern. I was just having some fun.

Than someone asked me if she could test the pattern!? And the next day a second request came in!? I couldn’t believe what was happening!

So with the encouragement of my family and the lovely crocheters in my phone, I started writing the pattern!

Can you believe that was only 2 weeks ago?

Now the pattern is tested by 3 lovely ladies: Ashton @artemis.36 in England, Jill @gumleaf_crochet in Australia and Sandra @dimequesitejidas in Argentina!

They did an amazing job! They really motivated me to go through with it.

So, tomorrow I’ll be releasing my first design here on my blog. The Early Spring Mandala!

How exciting it that!!!

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