The new cro-shed

As I mentioned before, I have new plans for my cro-shed.

The storage room we originally wanted to convert, turned out to have more problems than we could handle.

So we came up with a new plan. My husband moved all his tools from the gardenshed into the one that was supposed to be my cro-shed. Than he demolished the gardenshed so we can build a new, slightly bigger one.

It’s already looking so great in my head!

The plan is to do it all ourselfs and with recycled matetials and furniture.

We already poured the concrete foundation. In spring when the weather is a bit better, we plan to build the wooden walls.

In the mean time, my husband is looking through secondhand sites for things we can use. It’s his new hobby by now.

He allready found a door and window, rooftiles, 3 cupboards and a table. One of the cupboards and the table are now in our livingroom, I made my temporary crochet room.

Slowly but steady, my cro-shed dream comes alive!

To be continued …

Love Ilse


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