I’m still here! 

Hello, I’m still here! I’m sorry it took me so long to write a new blog, I think I underestimated it. I know there is no pressure, but somehow I feel obligated to write something.

I’m crocheting for several years now, and everyone was saying I’m good at it and have to do something more with it. At the start of 2017 my new year’s resolution was to start this blog, give workshops to children, have a little online shop and make my own crochetroom.

The plan was to use this blog as a diary of how we would build this room from scratch.

It was a simple plan, it all looked great in our heads. Maybe we where a bit naive to think it was gonna go smoothly.

Once we began to break down the walls and sealing we stumbled on the first problems. It turned out to be more expensive and more work than we had planned. So we had to rethink everything.

And we came up with a new plan. I’m keeping it a secret for now because this time we’re not rushing in to things. We’re going to think this true and take the time to realise it.

I’m not getting carried away with it again. That was the mistake I made last time. I let people mess with my head. I know they all meant well and wanted to encourage me to do something I love. But because of all that motivation, I got carried away with it and crocheting became something I had to do instead of something I love to do.

So, I’m going to take my time. I still have the same resolutions, but I don’t have to realise them all at once. As soon as I figured that out, I started to relax and enjoy crocheting again. I’m not gonna pressure myself and take it day by day. And for now I’m still comfortable crocheting in the living room.

In the mean time you can still follow me on Instagram.

Love Ilse